Shooting Tips


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Some people are naturals, however, for most people it takes practice and dedication before you’re considered to be a good shot. Sometimes things such as error in setup or execution causes shooting to be off, while other times, it is simply getting used to a new firearm. Rifle shooting involves skill, but generally, accuracy is about consistency and eliminating external influences that constrain the gun’s capabilities. So here are some tips for shooting at your best…

The first tips are more for safety than they are for accuracy, but these are important things to know. First of all, always treat a firearm as if it were loaded, even if you’re sure that the gun is unloaded. Second, always, no matter what, keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction; keep your trigger finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you have made a cognizant decision to shoot; and always be sure of your target, backstop, and beyond- basically, know what is in your line of fire. Target shooting at a professional rifle range should be fine, but anywhere else you need to make sure that you aren’t putting anyone in danger.

Now, here is the good stuff:Uncle_Buds_Bulls_Bag_06

  • Always make sure that your scope is properly mounted. To do this, you should have quality bases and rings; level the gun in a vise and level the scope before securing it. There are excellent tutorials on YouTube, and make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s specification.
  • Make sure that your gun rest is stable, (yes this sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how often this effects people’s shooting).
  • Different people need a different amount of shoulder pressure. Heavy pressure is usually more difficult to repeat from shot to shot, and you really should try to uniform shoulder pressure, so if you prefer heavy pressure you need to make the pressure the same every single time.
  • You want your trigger pull to be consistent, and remember that a proper trigger pull is not actually a pull. It should be more of a trigger press, try to press the trigger, pressing it straight to the rear without disturbing the sight picture. This will take practice.
  • Be patient enough to wait for your barrel to cool, if your barrel overheats this can be problematic.

Always follow through. Remember that the shot doesn’t “end” until after impact, do your best to try to visualize each bullet impacting your target. Stay connected to the trigger until it breaks. And remember


Bulls Bag Shooting Rests: The Pinnacle of Gun Rest Technology


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Firearms technology has grown by leaps and bounds since the early days of the settlers. And since those days shooters have sought to improve the accuracy and reliability of their weapons. Back in very early times, before the invention of the self-contained bullet that we know today, there were several incremental advancements that aided firearms accuracy. For example, there was the invention of the the first cylindroconoidal bullet – which improved firearm accuracy greatly since prior to it most “bullets” were lead balls or some other spherical substance. These became much used by Civil War, sharpshooters and were an innovation over what had come before.largeberdans-sharpshooter-1863Of course, there has been a corresponding advancement in overall weapons technology from the muskets of yesteryear to today’s high-powered weapons. Naturally, the technology needed to aid in the accuracy of these weapons has changed and advanced as well. Solid, reliable and sturdy gun rests are needed for all kinds of shooters in order to get the maximum performance possible from their weapons. A good rest needs to be compact, easily and quickly adjustable for windage and elevation or else the performance of the shooter suffers. A hunter, for example, needs to spend as little time as possible setting up for the next shot.

Bullsbag gun rests will meet your needs whether your specialty is hunting, target shooting or some other form of shooting where perfection is required from your gun rest. They are stable, reliable gun rests that are quickly adjustable, reduce Felt-recoil and handle the stress of today’s high-caliber weapons. Our rests are so accurate because they are scientifically designed to minimize all factors that could reduce your weapon’s precision. Our bags feature advanced Shooting Rest Stability Technology (Tactical Accuracy Certified/TAC-ACE), an engineered rifle rest weight and balance formula, a L2ow Center-of-gravity calculated mathematical design and wide footprint for maximum stability. In short, our gun and rifle rests are more accurate than any other rests on the market because we’ve taken all that is known about ballistics and applied it to our product. They are also designed to handle the recoil power and force of the high caliber, repeating weapons that our ancestors could not have imagined.

Yes, our bags are designed to handle the advancements in firearms technology that began back in the early days of the settlers who used homemade rests. The demand for accuracy and performance is the only thing that has not changed since those early days. Our Bullsbag gun rests are ready to face the challenge of hunters, target shooters and others who demand perfection from their gun rests and themselves far into the 21st century.